Essential Oils

Our Essential Oil Range

Our essential oils are available to purchase in a variety of sizes and in various bottles (rollers, droppers, dripolators and available in bulk for you to package or use yourself).

Please contact us for further information or to check if we have the oil you require in stock.

Our oils get used up quickly so if we do not currently have the oil you require, we can put a hold on some when our new stock arrives.


Essential Oil Range: A to L
Amyris Oil
Basil Oil
Bergamot Oil
Buddhawood Oil
Camphor Oil White
Cedarwood Oil
Citronella Oil
Clary Sage Oil
Clove Oil
Cypress Leaf
Elemi Oil
Eucalyptus Oil
Everlasting Oil
Fir Needle Oil
Fragonia Oil
Frankincense Oil
Geranium Oil
Grapefruit Oil
Gurjun Balsam Oil
Hemp Seed Oil
Honey Myrtle Oil
Juniperberry Oil
Laurel Leaf Oil
Lavender Oil
Lemon Oil
Lemon Scented Tea Tree Oil
Lemongrass Oil
Litsea Cubeba Oil
Lime Oil
Essential Oil Range: M to Z
Manderin Oil
Manuka Oil
Melaleuca Linarifolia
Melissa Oil
Neroli Oil
Nutmeg Oil
Orange Oil Sweet
Patchouli Oil
Peppermint Oil
Rose Geranium
Sage Oil
Sandalwood Oil Australian
Spearmint Oil
Tea Tree Oil
Thyme Oil Red
Vetiver Oil
Wild Orange
Wintergreen Oil
Ylang Ylang Oil
Douglas Fir
Petitgrain Oil
Watermelon Seed
Bay Essential Oil
Amyris Oil
Buddhawood Oil
Honey Myrtle Oil
Laurel Leaf Oil
Manuka Oil
Origanum Oil