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Why Choose Elite Blends?


We always follow good manufacturing practices.

Elite Blends aims to buy our consumables from smaller Australian companies.

Our Company whenever possible, use raw materials that are from a renewable source.

Elite Blends utilise waste disposal companies who follow strict sustainable waste practices.

Our Company use a high percent of naturally derived ingredients. we do not use harsh chemicals and the majority of our ingredient are biodegradable.

We are always open to ideas and suggestions from all our customers and suppliers on ways to better ourselves for the benefit of the environment and the community.

Our Facility

Our Facility located in Smeaton Grange NSW has the equipment to run small batches or larger batches so we can cater for every customer.

Elite Blends follow strict GMP and ISO guidelines to ensure quality consistent products for our customers.

We have a range of vessels and machinery that will cover a wide range of batch sizes.

Facilities are available to run small and large batches to meet customer needs.
Elite Blends can also supply bulk products in Pales, drums and IBC`s.

We have a team of technical staff who are dedicated to manufacturing quality products with new and innovating ingredients to keep up with today’s ever-growing market.

Phone: 02 4647 9073

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02 4647 9073


Unit 2/20 McPherson Rd,
Smeaton Grange NSW 2567


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